Announcing the Campaign for National Recognition of National Information Literacy Month

Information literacy, in essence, is a critical competency necessary for America to compete successfully in an increasingly interdependent global economy which is bound together by interconnected information and communication technology infrastructure that seamlessly networks a variety of peoples, institutions, and organizations in all sectors, regardless of creed, color, age, gender or socio-economic status.

As a foundational component of America's blueprint for change we can believe in, information literacy provides all Americans with the 21st century competencies needed to enhance our competitive advantage globally and, ultimately to ensure our long term prosperity and national security. It fosters the successful transformation of traditional teaching-centered modes to modern learning-centered strategies within our rapidly and radically changing information and communication technology universe. As a basic human right, information literacy is not only an agent for social change, but, equally important, serves as a bridge to social justice and economic opportunity both at home and abroad.


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