Geek the Library awareness campaign increases library visibility and support among residents in pilot communities

Geek the Library, a community awareness campaign designed to highlight the value of public libraries and inform the public about critical library funding issues, positively changed community perceptions about libraries in a pilot, according to a new OCLC membership report. The report, Geek the Library: A Community Awareness Campaign, offers a comprehensive overview of the pilot campaign completed in 2010.
"The pilot experience confirmed our hope that Geek the Library can not only get people's attention, but that it can activate an interest in local library funding," said Cathy De Rosa, global vice president of marketing for OCLC, a nonprofit library cooperative. "The campaign is bold, it's fun and it gives libraries a unique opportunity to connect with the public and start important library funding conversations."
•Geek the Library gets people's attention. In just five months, more than half of surveyed residents were familiar with the campaign.
•Geek the Library encourages support. Over two-thirds of surveyed residents in both southern Georgia and central Iowa had planned or had taken an action supporting their local library, including talking to friends and family about the value of the library to the community or attending a library event.

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