Google News makes everyone an Editor

This is a major step in the development towards a new age of news. Google News just got a lot more customisable and social.
One of the most popular elements of Google News is the different sections it offers, allowing you to browse news by topic. The problem was that you might not have been interested in what Google thought you should be.
Maybe you’re more a fan of Cat News or Sci-Fi News than the more traditional sections like ’World News’, ‘Business’ or ‘Entertainment’. Well, now you can create your own news sections and share them with others. Yes, Google’s pretty much turning you into a news editor.
In the new Custom Sections Directory you can choose from a wide variety of pre-made custom sections, from Space to Open Source Software. Add these to your Google News Menu and you’ll have news relevant to your interests all the time without having to search for it.

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