Comics studies: Resources for scholarly research

Comic books, comic strips, manga, and other forms of what is more generally called comics have gained increasingly serious attention in recent years, such that it is almost at the point where articles entitled “Bif Bam Pow: Comics aren’t for kids anymore” have ceased appearing because of their obviousness. The field of comics studies has had a similar upward trajectory. Avenues for publication of scholarly writing on comics continue to expand (both journals and books), and resources focused on the study of comics are growing.Comics studies is a broadly interdisciplinary area, often applying the scholarly literature and apparati of literary studies, communication and mass media, art, history, sociology, or philosophy. This column highlights resources that are more narrowly focused on comics. The resources below cover a range of types from scholarly publications to reference sources and news sites. I have primarily focused on English-language resources, though researchers should be aware of the prevalence of French language comics studies (which one could argue has a larger academic history than studies in English).

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